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On-course sustainability has been focused on finding solutions to maintain premium standards while reducing inputs in regards to synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and water usage. After thoroughly investigating many products, we’ve developed a strong biodynamic management program in-line with our environmental values, course merit, and budget.




  • Transitioned nearly 100 acres of maintained rough areas to naturalized areas to enhance wildlife habitat and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

    • Currently in the process of establishing protected pollinator habitat sites throughout the courses.

    • Increased biodiversity through the construction of bat boxes, birdhouses, and pollinator “hotels”.

    • Working to restore some of these naturalized areas to native prairie habitats.

  • Irrigation inputs have been cut to nearly half through the use of biostimulants and organic plant protectants which work to provide stronger, healthier plants; reduced transpiration; and increased stress tolerance.

  • Reduced synthetic inputs of pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers with special focus on fungicide reduction at over sixty percent and counting.

    • Fertilizer reductions accomplished through weekly tissue testing to determine specific plant requirements of nutrients and quantities. No guesswork, no waste.

    • Focusing on soil health by utilizing OMRI-certified and natural biostimulant materials such as seaweed extracts, vermicompost teas, nutrient-mining products, and mineral oils helps suppress disease and combat abiotic and biotic stresses.

    • Drastically limited our use of granular fertilizers to reduce the potential for leaching.

    • Increased use of disease, insect and weed forecasting and monitoring to maximize targeted usage

  • Use local composted biosolids to establish new turf and landscape plantings throughout the property.

  • Use recycled concrete aggregate for cart path construction.

  • Currently in the process of streamlining a property-wide recycling program to eliminate landfill disposal of plastics, glass, aluminum and paper products.