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Off-course sustainability has been focused on introducing environmentally-conscious programs centered on innovative enhancements to our daily operations. Program principles we employ are green space creation, resource consumption, waste diversion, biodiversity, and education.


  • Sustainable 4,500 sqft. Culinary farm supplying the club’s kitchen with seasonal heirloom vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers.
    • Built a site of edible vibrancy where the BMW Championship parking lot once was.
    • Farm is managed with biodynamic practices such as IPM methods, natural and organic inputs, crop rotation, and companion planting.
    • Average annual production is 2,500-3000 lbs of produce, harvested at maturity and sent directly to the club kitchen.
    • Local biosolid compost utilized in raised beds.
    • All plants are started from seed on-site.
    • Drip irrigation installed to conserve water.



  • Onsite apiary housing 12 hives
    • Produce local, raw wildflower honey used in the club kitchen, bar, and sold to patrons and local vendors.
    • Since 2017, our honey harvest total is over 150 lbs, served in our on-site Farm to Table dinners, utilized in the kitchen, or sold at the pro shop.



  • Created a closed-loop composting program using pre-consumer kitchen waste mixed with garden refuse to create fertile compost used back on the farm and mitigate methane-producing landfill waste.
    • We have diverted roughly 8,000 lbs of food waste from the landfill since July 2017.



  • Local brewery partnership with Pollyanna Brewing Company (Lemont, IL) where Cog Hill’s Fairway Farms grew different ingredients from the farm for Pollyanna to brew seasonal beers with.
    • Seasonal releases can be found at Pollyanna tap rooms and on draft at Cog Hill
      • Past brews include:
        2018: Dubs Delight Basil Blonde Ale
        2019: Par for the Course Lavender American Pale Ale



  • Annual Farm-to-Table Dinner on-site at Fairway Farms and the golf course to connect the local community with local growers and celebrate the relationships that can be forged around good food.
    • Menu was 90% sourced from the golf course farm..
    • Guests can expect a seasonal multi-course farm menu served at various sites around the club's facility, with the incorporation of different local music artists featured, specialty brewery releases, farm tours, and more.



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