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    2020 Vision

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    2020 Vision

What’s Next: 2020 Growth

  • Farm expansions comprised of orchard trees, berry patch, and a pumpkin patch open to the public.
  • Property-wide signage and interactive exhibits to facilitate communication and participation with ongoing projects listed above.

  • Natural algae control starting on all golf course ponds.

    • Through the use of sterile grass carp and barley straw to help naturally filter ponds of filamentous algae throughout the season.

  • Constructing several new types of wildlife housing to implement on all courses.

    • 60 Bluebird houses and 30 Bat Boxes were constructed for Cog Hill by Lockport Township High School STEM students, with more to come.

  • Working towards long-term goals of native prairie restoration on all courses.

    • Research in prescribed burning techniques and practices.
    • Introduction and cultivation of native, golf-friendly species.

  • Enacting “Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition” program on areas of the golf courses.

  • Beginning groundwork and site prep for on-course protected pollinator gardens.

    • Continued site prep and restoration of out-of-play rough areas to be converted to protected pollinator plots in partnership with Monarchs In The Rough program presented by Audubon International and Environmental Defense Fun.
    • Sections of out-of-play rough will be converted to milkweed plantings mixed with native wildflower perennials for pollinator forage and habitat.

  • Local Pollyanna Brewing Company partnership to include 2 new farm-inspired seasonal brews for Cog Hill.

  • LHS Eco-Art collaboration; living exhibit to be held at Fairway Farms.

To learn more about Cog Hill’s Environmental Sustainability practices, be on the lookout for signage throughout the golf course!